2 persons


  • paddles
  • lifevests (swimming uimataitoiselle)
  • tyhjennysväline
  • Waterproof dry tube bag ( 5 ltr)

Lähtö- ja palautuspaikka

Self-service rental base at the end of Kartisapolku, Verla (Close to the old logging hut and Tentsile hotspot). Everything works with a pin code that delivered to customer after succesful booking of the gear. 

Booking periods

There are two bookable periods in every day. One period lasts for 6 hours. First period begins at 9 am and the second begins at 3pm. If you book both periods or the last one, you can return the canoe  back to base next morning before 9am.

The canoe together with the gear must be returned to the base before the booked period ends.